Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Canadian Fashion Brands I Love.

"I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance."As a proud Canadian and a lover of all things clothes, I love when I can sport some homeland fashion.
I feel like every Canadian loves Roots. There is no other store than compares when it comes to comfort. My personal favourite in the Roots line-up are their sweatpants. My goto comfy pants for lounging at home are my Roots slouchy sweatpants. I also love their transition clothes for early summer. They're a breathable light cotton that still give you that warm and cozy feeling.
It seems that everywhere I go around town I see Herschel products. The brand is best known for their backpacks. I'm sad to say mine somehow got lost in my move back home from Ottawa. The backpacks are amazing quality and great size for fitting textbooks, snacks, and a laptop.
I personally love everything I've purchased from Lululemon. I feel like every girl has at least one Lulu headband, but what I love them for is hoodies. They make warm and breathable athletic-wear sweaters that are great for running, walking, and generally being outside during sweater weather. I love the way the sweaters look as well. They have an amazingly slimming effect that gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. 
If you're an Estée fan on YouTube then you've probably heard of this store before. Aritzia may just be my favourite place to shop! They have their own named brand and also carry other high-end brands in their store. One of my favourites that Aritizia carries is TNA. From the leggings to the sweaters to the cute dresses and bar shirts, TNA has it all. It's a tad bit expensive (comparable to Lulu) but the quality is undeniable. It's a winner of a brand!
Matt & Nat is a brand I wasn't familiar with before. However my boyfriend got me this wallet as part of my birthday present and I've fallen in love! It's made from 100% recycled water bottles but has that genuine leather look and feel. It's amazing quality and I love it so much (not just cause my bf got it for me either haha).