Monday, 27 November 2017

Just in time for Christmas.

It's been four months since I posted on this blog.

I feel like I was inconsistent for quite some time with blogging because this summer was so hectic. I was working two jobs all summer, and three jobs at one point in time. Once school started back up again things got difficult in my personal life which put blogging, not even on the back burner, but completely off the stove top. 

Now that life has settled down I want to get back to making time for the things I love. Not only have I not blogged, but I also haven't been making time for reading, exercising, or taking photos. I've bought new books (which I will share soon), I've gotten back to the gym a few times over the past couple weeks, and now I am here - writing this blog post. 

Going forward I'm hoping to do Blogmas again (no promises though). 

I don't want to make a schedule or anything, instead I'm going to write and upload when I feel like it. Hopefully this means at least once a week, but if I'm not feeling it it probably won't happen. 

I've started listening to my body and mind. I don't do things I don't want anymore (except things like school and work). Right now, this feels right. My diet has changed a lot as I'm not practicing crazy portion control or depriving myself of certain foods. If I want to eat junk food I will- in moderation. I do things that make me feel good- wether that's going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or laying in bed. 

Things have changed for me and I'm excited to share it all going forward. 

Until next time,