Tuesday, 10 April 2018

At home facial.

I felt like my skin was craving some serious TLC and since I'm going to be flying this weekend half-way across Canada, I felt an all out at home facial was much needed. I googled the steps of an at home facial and found most sites to say the steps are 
1. remove makeup 
2. cleanse 
3. steam 
4. exfoliate 
5. clay mask 
6. toner 
7. sheet mask 
8. treatment 
9. eye cream 
10. moisturize 
I put on The Handmaid's Tale and turned my bathroom into my own little spa. The results are indisputable. If you're interested in my at home facial process and the products I used, carry on reading!
This is what my starting point looked like. My skin had a massive breakout after a weekend away involving far too many vodka & ginger ales. My skin always breaks out when I consume sugar. I was feeling like my skin was really red, spotty, and dull so I wanted to take the time to care for it and infuse some life back into it. 
To remove my makeup I used the Garnier Micellar water. I love this version of the water as it removes waterproof makeup but is also suited for sensitive skin. I use this product on a muslin cloth from The Body Shop. 
To cleanse my skin I used the BiorĂ© deep pore charcoal cleanser. I love that this cleanser pulls all the little spots of dirt and impurities out of my skin. It's like a gunk magnet! To use this cleanser I lather it into damp skin and rinse it off with water - nice and simple. 
I don't have a fancy steamer or anything but boiling water in a pot over the stove always does the trick. I would do two minutes over the pot with a towel over my head keeping my face about six inches away to avoid burns. I did this three times, giving my skin a couple minutes break in-between. After this step I used a clean konjac sponge to exfoliate. 
This L'Oreal clay mask is composed of three types of clay and eucalyptus. It's designed to be purifying and mattifying. I applied this with my fingers and let it sit on my skin for fifteen minutes then rinsed it off with warm water. 
After removing the clay mask I used The Body Shop moisturizing toner on a cotton pad. 
I chose the super hydrating and anti-fatigue sheet mask by Garnier because it's exactly the issues I wanted to combat. This mask works extremely well and smells amazing. I put the sheet mask on my face and sat with it for fifteen minutes before peeling it off and working the excess product into my skin. 
For treatment, I used The Body Shop tea tree oil. I applied this basically to my entire face, only avoiding my eye area. 
I used the L'Oreal eye defense eye cream under my eyes and under my brow bone. I love that this eye cream prevents aging and contains caffeine, making the eyes look more awake. 
Ignore the eye cream in this picture because I haven't used that in ages. But for the last step of my at home facial, I moisturized with (of course) my Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I've been using this moisturizer for probably three straight years, but recently I've been thinking of trying something new. Just have to wait until I've used it all up!

The results of the at home facial are indisputable. My skin looks glowing, radiant, and most importantly it looks healthy. I'm so happy with the outcome of my first at home facial experience. I'm excited to make this ritual a weekly thing!

Have you ever done an at home facial? Let me know the products you use! 

Thanks for reading,