Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Maybelline Fit Me | First Impression

I've been meaning to find a new foundation for ages... probably about two years now- ever since the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation started breaking me out like crazy! I read so many reviews about the Maybelline Fit Me foundations but never really payed much mind to them. When I saw my local drug store had them on special for 50% off I decided I'd give the foundation a go.
I chose to try the Matte and Poreless formula designed for normal to oily skin as this is my skin type. The shade selection was pretty good ranging from really fair to deeper brown skin tones. Having slightly more yellow undertones and hint of a tan, I went for the third shade in from the lighter end of the range; 120 Classic Ivory.
Upon first glance, the packaging isn't much. It's easy to overlook it in the drug store as it's not an in your face colour or design. The glass bottle makes it a touch impractical for travel purposes, however it looks nice mixed in with other products on a dressing table. I so wish this foundation had a pump! The formula leans more toward the watery side and so pouring it out from the bottle can be a little messy. I can see myself wasting quite a bit of this product from over pouring onto the back of my hand.
Right now my skin is in a bit of a state. I'm coming off the end of a fairly bad hormonal breakout. I have no active breakouts to cover, but there's redness where the spots once were. I've also had a terrible lack of sleep and my under eye circles are utterly horrendous.
I haven't worn foundation in absolutely ages so I have no idea where my beauty blender ended up. Blending foundation with a brush isn't my favourite method of application, but it ended up looking quite natural- I was so surprised. It didn't get streaky at all! The coverage is light to medium but definitely buildable. I'm sure this foundation could be built up to be full coverage. The colour choice ended up being a seamless match with the skin tone of my neck- my perfect shade! The foundation definitely did a good job at making my skin one even tone as well as making my dark circles and acne spots less visible. 
The foundation blended nicely with my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, creating a really great base. It also set really well with my NYX stay matte powder. I wasn't getting any caking or patchiness what so ever!
The Fit Me foundation created the perfect base for this everyday neutral makeup look. 
After an hour of wear I didn't notice any oxidization or movement of the product. It still looked the exact same as when I applied it an hour prior. 
I chose this day to test the foundation because I knew it would be extremely hot and I would be outside a lot. I wanted to see if the foundation could withstand the sun and the heat. Even after working outside and sweating quite a bit, I was six hours in and it still looked great! There was no real difference from when I first applied it. 
I spent an hour laying in the sun, catching some rays. After ward my face was obviously sweaty and so I blotted with a tissue. I was surprised to see that there was very little product transfer- mostly powder! The stay power really proves itself to be amazing!
I decided when my friends and I hit the outdoor patio bar to go dancing that night that I was not going to redo my makeup. I was going to put this foundation to the ultimate test! It stood up to my dancing outside for three hours despite already being on my face all day! 
After 17 hours, my face was still matte, poreless, and the coverage was still definitely there! In fact, when I went to wash my face that night I was surprised by just how much product came off on my flannel cloth. It all stayed all day long! I've got a little hunch that this foundation could stand up to a waterproof makeup test. 
All in all, I'm so impressed by this foundation. I think the poor packaging is a very small sacrifice for an otherwise amazing product. I can't wait to keep using the Fit Me foundation so I can report back with a full review!
Have you tried the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation? What did you think of it? Do let me know in a comment!

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