Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cool For The Summer: Mens Edition | Fashion

I love this time of year- bikinis, flip flops, tank tops, booty shorts- less clothes less problems! Except, Monday always comes which means back to work. It can be so hard to balance summer fashion and work appropriate clothing choices. 

Worry not, my friends! I'm here, in collaboration with Tommy John to share with you my tips and tricks when dressing for the office during summer time. Tommy John is a menswear company that specializes in comfortable and casual basics without compromising quality. The website offers a great feature where you are able to shop by fabric! This is so helpful when choosing lighter, more breathable fabrics for summer outfits. 

The 'cool fabric' line from Tommy John is perfect for this time of year! It's designed to keep you cool and sweat free for the summer! The line offers a great selection of socks, undershirts and underwear that will help to keep you cool in a stuffy office. 
This starter kit is a great place to begin building an outfit. 

Working with this, I'd start with a simple white button down shirt with sleeves that have the ability to be rolled up. White is a great option on hot days because even if you sweat you don't have to worry about soggy under arm stains. Button downs are available in all sorts of fabrics, but I'd recommend going with a light, breathable cotton. 
Wearing a suit is mandatory for a lot of people who work in an office. Again I'd recommend cotton. A lot of suit designers offer summer suits which are lighter and more breathable. The jacket is great in the morning when it's still a little bit chilly, but easy to take off in the heat of the afternoon.
If a suit isn't mandatory in your office space, khakis are a great option. The light colour won't attract any sunlight through the windows, making you unnecessarily warm. They're also an easy transition into the evening, after work. If you remove the tie and undo the top buttons on the shirt, this outfit goes from office wear to dinner date in a flash!
Again, make sure you're wearing a cool fabric undershirt from Tommy John! It will help to keep you cool and sweat free all day!

Even though Tommy John is a menswear line, don't think I forgot about the ladies! Check back on Friday for the ladies edition to this work wear post!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo

*This post is in collaboration with Tommy John. It is not sponsored. All opinions are exclusively my own*f