Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I've Been AWOL | Update

Oh my gosh. We are nineteen days into July and I have yet to post on this blog. I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting. It's so freakin' bizarre. 

I got so caught up with the whole daily vlogging thing for my happiness project that I completely neglected this blog. After sixty days of vlogging I realized that I didn't really enjoy it- it wasn't really my thing. Firstly I don't even enjoy getting my photo taken, so watching back videos of myself was super cringe-worthy. The second reason I stopped vlogging was that it dawned on me that my happiness project is quite a private journey and I'd prefer to document it in a more private way- say a diary or something.

To get back into blogging, I thought it only right that I do a little update/photo diary of my life over the past twenty days. Enjoy!
Father's day is kind of like the kick off to summer in my family. It's the first big barbecue of the year and (usually) the first really nice day of summer. It was such a lovely day spent outside with so many of the people I love and cherish.
Paul moved back home too! It's so nice to have him here. He's one of my best friends and we always have such a great time together.
I've had some lovely times with my cousins out on the lake at camp! From fishing to seadooing, we've been having a blast and making the most of summer!
As per summer standards, I have been living every free moment in my bikini. There's nothing better than getting outside by the water, soaking up the sun, and lounging around in a bikini!
As if family fishing adventures aren't already perfect, family fishing adventures at sunset is a sure way to soothe the soul. The views alone are stunning. Add in the thrill of catching fish. Enter spending time with your amazing family. Perfect evening if you ask me!
I SHOT A FREAKIN' WEDDING! On the ninth of July my wedding photographer virginity was gracefully swept away by Shannon and George as they allowed me to capture the glory and beauty of their wedding day.
Logan's back!! It's so great to be reunited with my summer time partner in crime. We've had some lovely beach days and spent far too much money at the mall! Every girl (and person) deserves a best friend like Log!
The summer student I'm supporting at The Home Depot was awarded an employee of the month badge for friendliest customer service! He and I were both over the moon about it- he definitely deserves this!
I have discovered a new favourite place, right near my house, that's perfect for sitting alone and reflecting on life. This little space has been such a blessing with how hectic my life has gotten!
I've been keeping on track with my fitness and I feel GREAT! It's a little easier to stay in shape when you're working a physically demanding job so I hope I can keep it up when I get back into school.
How is your summer going so far? Please do let me know in a comment!

I solemnly swear, here and now, to NEVER go this long without blogging again!

Thanks for reading & check back again to see what KatieDidd, xo