Sunday, 25 September 2016

Turn it Off & Turn it Back On Again

Run away from your problems & run into yourself...
 It was eight o'clock yesterday morning when I called into work saying that I wouldn't be coming for my nine o'clock shift. My cousin and his fiancée were taking a day trip to Sudbury and invited me to come along. Every voice in my head told me I couldn't go- I had homework to do and a shift at work that I had to go in for- and yet I found myself hopping into the back set of the car.

I called in to work and I didn't bring a single text book with me. This past week and a half I've not been attending classes but I've spent the majority of my time studying and making sure I didn't fall behind. 

With all I've been dealing with lately I I needed a minute.

I needed a day to take for myself, void of all responsibilities. I spent the car ride listening to music and reading Beloved by Toni Morrison, with sporadic photo grabs out the window. When in Sudbury we shopped all day long. It was so nice to spend the day with my cousin and his wife to be, just enjoying each others company. We laughed so much and I had such a great time.
I needed this time away- a mental reboot if you will. Now that I'm back home I feel ready to get back to life. I went to work all day, did respite care in the evening, and got some studying done! I also enjoyed some pamper time; I painted my nails, watched some Gilmore Girls, and read InStyle magazine. 

I was far enough away physically that I felt I was emotionally separated as well. I was able to take a step back and evaluate my situation from a different perspective. 

I'm so ready to get back to being my happy, optimistic self. Why wait for Thanksgiving when I have today? I need to trust in the Lord and cast my anxieties upon Him. He will do what is right.

xo, Katie