Wednesday, 28 September 2016

October 5, 2000 to May 15, 2007 | Gilmore Girls Review

Let us all take a moment of silence for the seven year, seven season television masterpiece that was Gilmore Girls...
I have never felt more connected to a television program in my entire life. I felt as though I could connect to every single character at one point or another throughout the seven seasons. 
Rory Gilmore 
I relate most to her love of books and her craving for knowledge. I loved watching her grow and find herself from high school through to college graduation. I resonate with her innocence and strive to be as strong as she was able to become. I fell in love with her kindness, joy, and immense love for everyone around her. Not to mention she's amazingly witty and stunning!
Lorelai Gilmore
I hope one day I can be for my own daughter what Lorelai was for Rory. I really saw myself most in Lorelai's love life. I never know exactly what I want and I tend to make the wrong decision. Her wit always kept me on my toes and I had great admiration for her when it came to familial dedication. She was someone who could appreciate all the amazing people in her life and love them for who they were despite quirks and faults.
Luke Danes
Every girl dreams of a man as kind, compassionate, and loyal as Luke Danes. I found myself in his inability to express emotion- like him I am terrible with communication especially when it comes to romance. Also like him, I can be quite hot headed!
Sookie St.James
Okay, she's crazy- which of course everyone can relate to! I loved Sookie's passion for career, her family, her friends, and her town. She was loyal to a fault, a great mother, an honest woman, and a beautiful friend to Lorelai. 
Emily Gilmore
On a surface level it was easy for me to relate to Emily's desire for cleanliness and order. Once Emily's character developed I fell more and more in love with her. She had a beautiful dedication to her family, especially her husband Richard. Her love for Lorelai was shown in the worst way but it was evident through every action she took. Emily always had such great intentions but it seemed nothing ever turned out the way she had planned it to- something I can very much relate to. The combination of quick whit, sarcasm, cynicism, and a heart of gold allowed Emily to quickly became one of my favourite characters on the show.
Lane Kim
In the beginning I wasn't Lane's biggest fan but I grew to really adore her once the secret was out about what was hiding beneath her floor boards. I loved Lane's sense of self and her integrity. It takes a strong woman to stand up to her mother and follow her passions (as unconventional as they may be). I also admired her honesty to others as well as to herself. Her revelation about waiting to "be with" Zack until marriage threw me for a loop but I gained a lot of respect for Lane for staying true to what she felt was right for her as a woman.
Jess Mariano
I fell in love with this boy and fell in love with him again when he returned to the show as a man. Jess is exactly who I picture myself with in the future- a quiet, misunderstood, honest man who is well read, artistic, passionate, and bold. His rough exterior housed a fragile and beautiful soul that had deep respect for women, literature, and life. He blossomed from a bitter, abandoned boy into a mature, gentle man.
Paris Geller
I couldn't not mention Paris! This girl had so much spunk. Even when we were supposed to hate her I couldn't help but enjoy myself every time she came on screen. There's something so beautiful about a girl who knows what she wants and will not stop until she gets it. She has a no holds barred personality and a brash way of going about things. Despite her social ineptitude, her friendship was invaluable and her ability to care deeply for people was astounding.
The show covered so many topics over the seven season- love, relationships, high school, college, lies, trust, moving on, growing up, etc- and I learned from every single one of them. It was an easy show to watch as it was usually fairly light hearted. Even the hard stuff was made manageable through witty remarks (and silly small town squabbles). 
The end of the show was so bitter sweet for me. I was glad to see all the characters wrapping up their problems and moving forward but I also didn't want it to end! It was so unfinished! Of course the way Lorelai's love life finished was so satisfying but I felt as though Rory's had so many unanswered questions.
Gilmore Girl's is definitely a show I would recommend! I loved it and I know so many other people who love it as much as I do! 
Check it out!
xo, Katie