Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Run Baby Run.

I set a goal when I was eighteen to run a marathon by twenty-two. Unfortunately I ran into health problems that left me unable to exercise at all for over two years. Now that I'm able to exercise again with no worries, I have reset my marathon goal. At this moment I am already twenty-two. It's my goal to run a marathon by twenty-five.
I've started running with my friend Michelle at different locations around our city. So far we're still working on a five kilometre route. It's SO far away from the twenty-six miles that make up a full marathon. 
I got myself some new Nike running shoes- the 2017 edition of the Nike Flex shoe. I absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone. They're very comfortable and contour to my foot while still providing great support. I also invested in some new running pants, a light weight jacket from The North Face, and some sports bras from Sportcheck. 
Before running I like to fuel up with food and water. I'll drink a bottle of water and eat a meal with complex, slow releasing carbs about an hour to two hours before my run. Usually I have oatmeal. After a run I load up on vegetables, protein and, of course, water. 
The five kilometre route we're trying to master at the moment is a little walk-on-to island in our downtown area. Running around the entire island is just over five kilometres. Our first time around the island took us forty minutes as we had to stop and walk a couple times (and of course take nature pictures). 
We decided that our first race will be a charity run in our city that raises money for our local palliative care centre. We're entering in the five kilometre race! 
I'm loving getting back into running. I love the way it feels when I finish a run and my breath comes back to me and my legs are a little shaky. Endorphins are the best drug.
I'm excited to get back into running and share this journey with you all. Thanks in advance for your support. Any tips for getting back into running would be great!