Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A Big Change.

I am not a risk taker. I much prefer to play it safe and blend in to a crowd. A few weeks back my friends and I got our nails done and it felt like a big deal for me to choose purple instead of pink! 

I only told a couple people I was doing this because I was sure I'd chicken out. But when my friend Micayla reassured me to trust her, I let go and trusted the process. Check out Micayla's Instagram and give her the love she deserves! She's so talented. 
The inspiration was Zoella. I think her hair is stunning. However, I was nervous about going SO blonde. Because Mic knows me, she assured me that it wouldn't be a big change. When I looked in the mirror I was stunned. It's a HUGE change! But I do love it.
After the bleach I was quite concerned. To see only this picture was quite jarring! I was throwing up a lot of prayers at this point.
Once the toner was on I felt a lot more at ease. It was already quite toned down from the brassy mess it was after bleach.
I LOVE IT! I can't get over how different I look still. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself I don't recognize it as me. But I really do like this change.
Be brave ladies & show your true colours.