Thursday, 8 December 2016

Casual Not Homeless | OOTD: Exam Week Edit

"Decided to dress up tomorrow. I may fail my final but I'll be damned if I don't look fabulous doing it."
It's so tempting during exam week to become a full on bum, wearing jogging pants and oversized sweaters. Not wearing any makeup and letting your hair become a rats nest. I myself am SO tempted during this time of year to let everything fall to the way-side and devote every second to studying. However, I've found for myself that looking half decent can be a huge asset during exam time. There's something about looking good that makes me feel confident walking into an exam. 

Now I know what you're thinking, "but Katelyn, taking the time to get ready in the morning is time I could spend revising more!" Too true, girl. I know. When it comes to an outfit, I'm not talking anything crazy. Take off those jogging pants and wear your favourite, ass hugging, curve loving jeans. Pairing your favourite jeans with a plain shirt creates a casual, but still presentable outfit that you will feel comfortable and confident in. 
When it comes to makeup, I keep it really simple. I conceal my under eyes and my myriad of stress induced spots and powder to hide my nervous sweat shine. I always fill in my brows and apply mascara everyday. When I have a few extra minutes I'll add some liquid liner and blend a warm brown eyeshadow through my crease. With time (and patience) being short this time of year, I fore-go the lipstick and keep it simple with a glossy chapstick. 
For hair, I want it out of my face whilst writing a test. My go to hair style for an exam is a sleek but messy ballerina bun. It's effortlessly chic, keeps my hair out of my face, and takes very little time to pull off. 

Exam time doesn't mean we all have to take on the roll of homeless looking, junk food eating college kids. If you take the time to make yourself look and feel good it will do so much for your mental health. Overstudying can be just as bad as understudying and taking a few minutes to do something that makes you feel a little more relaxed can't do any harm in this very stressful time. 

Good luck to all of you writing exams! You're going to crush them!